Andarine S4 Reviews – Read These Shocking Facts Before You Buy !

Andarine is one of the most powerful yet underrated SARM known for body building. You should consider knowing genuine Andarine Review before using it.

Andarine also known as S4 or GTx-007, was developed by GTX Inc. Primarily it was utilized in the treatment of certain medical conditions. Later it is proved to have some exceptional results in term of testosterone enhancing as well as muscle and bone retention.

It soon became love of all body builders and athletes who harmed their body by using Winstrol and Dianobol. Shocking but true that andarine mimics the goodness of two most powerful steroids winstrol and Dianobol.

Due to high popularity of steroids in early era of supplements, efficiency of andarine got unnoticed. However Winstrol and Dianobol have severe side effects when consumed. Because of negative post effects and illegal status of Winstrol and Dianobol people started looking for an alternative.

Here comes the andarine in the picture. As per its status of medically investigational drug and selective action for muscle and bone tissue, andarine replaced Winstrol and Dianobol among body builders.

People who are still unaware of andarine and wanted to shift from Winstrol and Dianobol to SARMs, should go ahead and read this article before forming any perception.

I have used Andarine for sufficient duration now and yes I had been a victim of wrong steroid consumption as well. So I will explain you all about its goodness over other supplements and potential side effects.

What Is Andarine (S4)?

Initially Andarine was a research drug for the clinical correction of Osteoporosis, Prostate enlargement and muscle wasting and it proved to have positive results. Because of these abilities, it started gaining attention from gym goers.

It is very popular for both cutting and bulking cycle among body builders. As it did wonders to people who were suffering from severe bone stimulation issues and muscle wasting, it will provide you with hard muscles along with strong bones.

S4 is an orally active supplement and increases the level of testosterone in your body but in a selective way unlike steroids. Andarine supply this testosterone to your muscle and bone tissues without reaching prostate gland. Hence it prevents you from any potential ill effects of testosterone.

This SARM is mild in nature unlike stronger mass gaining SARMs Ligandrol and RAD140. Therefore it is highly advised for cutting duration. Consuming Andarine will results in lean and hard muscles in effectively less time.

S4 can be taken for bulking cycle as well. You should add this in your bulking supplements as it will give your muscles the hardness by stopping water retention. You will end up gaining bulky muscles that looks so real and are long lasting.

It will accelerate your weight loss as it promotes high T-level. Thus it burst you with super energy that will push you for hard and long workouts. This extensive gym sessions will expedite the fat cutting and your supplements will simultaneously provide protein boost for massive pumps.

What is Andarine

How Does Andarine (S-4) Work?

Like all other SARMs Andarine also works as orally potential partial agonist of the androgen receptors. It selectively targets the receptors decided for the action, leaving all other receptors unaffected.

Mostly androgenic or anabolic reception by body results in adverse side effects. This is because it is mainly initiated for a particular area but it ends up effecting overall body. Some parts do not require that action and may result in health problems.

SARM solves this issue and designed in such a way that it only reach to desired tissues and will not strike undesirable tissues.

This configuration can be achieved using two general mechanism:

  1. The first approach directs the making of SARMs with the required tissue selectivity and activity profile.
  2. The second approach is to get the working of androgen action on the skeletal muscle and the prostate. Then to conclude the signaling molecules that are downstream of AR.  These Androgen receptor inturn activates the pathways involved in skeletal muscle hypertrophy, not in the prostate gland.

In a study with male intact and castrate rats under observation. After regular dose of andarine, intact male rat was shown to reduce the prostate weight to approx. 80% and no significant increase in levator ani muscle weight. In castrated rats same dose restored approx. 33% prostate weight and 101% levator ani muscle weight.

This study projects that andarine enables you to competitively block bind the dihydrotestosterone  to its receptor targets in prostate gland. However its partial agonist action at AR restrict the side-effects related with the antiandrogens traditionally used for correction of Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy.

What To Expect From Andarine S4?

S4 has the tendency for repairing muscle and bone fractures. This facilitates new muscle and bone development hence support rapid recovery. This factor is very important from body building point of view. Supplements with high recovery rate enables you to work out without fail.

During cutting cycle S4 improves the testosterone levels and thus provides super energy for you to sweat hard in gym. This regular and vigorous exercise will drastically transform your muscles from fat to muscular. Taking andarine along with high protein diet supplies you with hard and long lasting real pump.

After cutting cycle, your body will get muscular and to attain perfect bulk you should loose water. Andarine prevents water retention and provides ripped muscles and sharp curve.

The bulk you will get with Andarine is what differentiate your body from the swollen muscles you will get from steroids. Curves and pumps are absolute real and long lasting.

I have gained ample of mass in biceps and thighs. The muscles developed are hard and ripped. I have lost most of the fat and current state of my muscles is level professional. With melting fat you get quick abs during cutting cycle only as per my experience.

Due to its high bioavailability it shows sufficiently quick result and you will see some positive changes in 1 week only.

Dosage Information For Andarine S4

Andarine has high level of anabolic and androgenic mechanism once it starts diluting, high dosage is not at all advisable in such cases.

A mild dosage of 20-25mg/day would be recommended for a regular usage.

The perfect way to take Andarine would be dividing the dose throughout the day. Using this procedure your body would be able to adjust the SARM action. Additionally its bioavailability gives you maximum goodness and its short span half-life allows you to take multiple dose without causing overdosing.

Andarine can be consumed in both cutting and bulking cycles.

For getting more understanding and assurance about the metabolic detection of S4 refer this report.

Andarine (S4) Stack

Andarine is known to perform some drastic body transformations. You can stack it like other SARMs. You should know which supplement to stack and the exact quantity to take.

For Cutting Cycle:

Andarine works superb with LGD4033 and RAD140. Both are strong SARMS hence you should consider using any one with S4. Taking 10 mg per day of RAD140/LGD4033 along with 25 mg per day of S4.

This combination will give you excellent cutting cycle by promoting growth of lean muscles.

For Bulking Cycles:

S4 when stacked with Ostarine MK 2866 and Cardarine GW 501516 expedite your bulking regime. Initially you should take Ostarine or Cardarine with S4. This combination works for cutting cycle as well.

20 mg per day of Ostarine or Cardarine and 25 – 30 mg per day of Andarine.

These stacks should be consumed regularly for 12 weeks for chiseled physique.


Andarine (S4) For Sale

I would recommend you to buy SARMs from trusted brands only. I have been using a very reliable SARMs Brands all along my body transformation journey. Legal SARMS from the trusted brand is advisable for men and women. You should go for SARMs which are easily accessible rather than black market products.

You are highly advised to do not use supplement from any random brand as the composition of the SARM may not be approved and may result in side effects such as scalp hair loss and undesired body hair. SARMs from the brand mentioned in below mentioned link do not toxicities your liver and prevent your body from any damage.

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