SARMs Stack – #1 Kickstart Guide For Cutting & Bulking

Have you ever wondered why many body builders stack SARMs ? Yes, SARMs can be stacked for cutting or bulking based on your specific goal. 

In this article, I will share my own experience of SARM stacking. It is a fact that, SARMs are one of the most consumed compounds for bodybuilding. Here is a list of SARMs for sale for safe and natural body building.

Here, the success key is SARMs stack. Initially I kind of had this confusion, which SARMs to use for stacking and for how long? It used to be pretty difficult for me to choose which SARM I should pick first.

Then I finally decided to approach my gym trainer in order to get my diet and exercise chart prepared. There I discussed about my mind to involve SARMs in my body building. To my surprise, I got thumbs up for the same.

I got my diet and workout chart prepared keeping the use of SARMs in mind. I was advised to follow 4 different body shaping cycles and got recommended to use different set of SARMs stacked together for each cycle.

I have strictly followed my diet and workout regimen and started taking SARMs simultaneously. It’s quite difficult to believe but I kind of noticed positive changes in just 2 weeks.

I personally paid attention to all the stuffs mentioned by my instructors to me regarding SARMs including its duration, dosage and stack.

Currently, I have completed all my transformation cycles and I would like to share my authentic SARMs stack guide with you.

Sarms Stack Guide Nami

SARMs Stack Cycles

As I have already mentioned, I have followed 4 transformation cycles starting from:

  • Fat Loss Cycle
  • Bulking Cycle
  • Cutting Cycle
  • Strength Building Cycle

After completing my Bulking cycle, I decided to participate in a professional body building competition. I actually never thought I would be able to do that but YAY! I did it. So I got 2 more cycles included in my course. They are:

  • Pre-Competition Cycle
  • Healing Cycle

Honestly speaking, you need to know and understand the correct cycles required for you. You can reach out to your trainer for the same.

Like if you are already involved in body building, then you may not need fat loss cycle or if you are already in shape and planning for a competition then you can directly jump to pre-competition regimen.

So plan your cycles accordingly and I recommend you to try the SARMs that worked amazingly for me.

Also for women, most of the cycle patterns remain the same but you got to be careful as SARMs for Women consumption are different during most of the cycles as compared to men.

Same applied to the dosage and duration. The quantity and intake duration may varies for women from what I used for myself.

That’s why, I reached to my trainer for knowing more about female SARMs recommendation before writing this article. Also, I did my research and selected most mild yet effective SARMs for women intake.

When I was done deciding the cycles I need to follow, I started thinking about which SARM to use in which cycle. So as soon as you figure out what regimen you want to follow you should consider knowing about the SARM stack for your cycle.

Best SARMs Stack For Fat Loss Cycle

I opted for this cycle as I was obese and wanted to lose Fat. I motivated myself for joining gym just to lose weight but end up being a professional body builder.

Hence, if you are looking for Fat loss cycle SARMs stack then here we go.

SARMs For Men

I personally selected Ostarine MK-2866 and Ligandrol LGD-4033 for fat loss cycle as I was a beginner and was advised to follow mild SARMs. Both these SARMs are mild and highly effective.

Ostarine aims at fat cutting and Ligandrol along with fat cutting provides you super energy for working out in gym. You are highly advised to follow calorie deficit diet during this cycle. Additionally, I have included PhenQ pills in my fat loss cycle and I would advise you the same for safe and quick results.


Take 5 mg of each for 2 weeks and then make it 10 mg each for rest of the cycle. For weight loss pills follow the recommended dosage.


Fat loss cycle should range between 6-8 weeks and you need to consume SARMs and fat loss pill during complete cycle.

SARMs For Women

As I have already mentioned, Ostarine and Ligandrol are mild SARMs hence are recommended for females as well. Along with SARMs, women are also recommended to use appetite suppressants pills. It is because in females fat loss is quite difficult due to high estrogen level.


Take 5 mg of Ostarine for 2 weeks and then increase it to 10 mg for rest of the cycle. Involve 5 mg of Ligandrol all along the fat loss cycle.


For women, fat loss cycle should last maximum up to 6 weeks and you will start seeing results from 2nd week onwards.

Best SARMs Stack For Bulking Cycle

Bulking muscles is one of the most important stage of body building. Most of the body builders fail to workout hard and build massive muscles.

At this cycle only I realised that yes I can be a body builder too and decided to participate in the contest. Hence, Bulking cycle needs stronger SARMs as compared to any other cycle. Bulking SARMs increases your appetite and hence enable you to gain muscles and overall bulk.

  • Dirty Bulking: For gaining bulk most of body builders end up eating surplus calorie without measuring Macros. This diet increase the fat content in your body which will further make you struggle during cutting cycle.
  • Clean Bulking: one of the most important point that I followed during my bulking cycle is Clean bulking routine. As a result of SARMs, I was eating like beast but what I controlled was taking junk and processed food. Personally speaking, adhering to healthy food intake helped me in cutting. As I have mostly gained hard and real bulky muscles because of protein consumption.

SARMs For Men

I have gained muscle bulk all over my body using MK-677 Ibutamoren, RAD-140 Testoloneand Ligandrol LGD-4033. MK-677 and RAD-140 are one of the most powerful SARMs and aims at bulking your body by allowing you to eat more and workout more. LGD-4033 is included for preventing you from fatigue.

During bulk cycle I felt so tired and started losing interest due to mood swings and stress. Here Ligandrol saved me and provided all the necessary support. It boosted me with super energy and kept me recharged throughout the cycle. In addition to that, I involved PCT supplement Rebirth PCT for bulking cycle.

Sarms stack guide


Take 10 mg of MK-677 Ibutamoren and RAD-140 Testolone each with 5 mg of Ligandrol LGD-4033 for complete bulking cycle. For PCT supplement consider recommended dosage from manufacturer which is 6 capsules per day here.


This cycle will last for 8 weeks with proper surplus diet and long weightlifting workout sessions.

SARMs For Women

Unlike men, women are not recommended to follow same SARMs for bulking as I did. They are pretty harsh for females. Andarine S4 along with Ligandrol is recommended for all Ladies out there.

S4 is main player here that helps you improving your food intake and ligandrol will provide you with Stamina. You may not need PCT supplement as these SARMs are mild but if you want then you can consult your gym instructor.


Take 10 mg of S4 and 5 mg LGD-4033 throughout the bulking cycle.


Ideal Bulking cycle for women should be of 6 weeks.

Best SARMs Stack For Cutting Cycle

Cutting cycle mainly followed for chiseling your body shape. From bulky body to lean muscle is what you have to cover in cutting routine. I targeted SARMs which are meant for fat cutting along with muscle retention.

SARMs For Men

By this time, I have mentally prepared myself for the competition. From the beginning of cutting routine, I consumed Ostarine and Cardarine GW-501516.

Both these SARMs are the most widely used and recommended within body building community. This combination worked as boon for me and helped me in gaining lean muscles. As both the SARMs are mild thus there is no need of PCT here.


I had taken 10 mg each for initial 3 weeks and then for ripped muscles I surged it to 20 mg each. Same dose is recommended for you.


Cutting cycles depends on what sort of transformation you are targeting. You can stop when you get the cuts you are looking for. As per my experience, it should be 6 weeks and you will get lean muscles like me.

SARMs For Women

Cardarine is not recommended for women as it has half-life of 24 hours and will stay for that long in your body.

Recommended SARMs here are Ostarine and Stenabolic SR9009. Stenabolic pushes extra fat dilution and promotes protein absorption for muscle building.


Take 10 mg of each for 2 weeks and then increase stenabolic to 20 mg for the rest of the cycle.


Again it depends on your criteria of cuts you want. Normally it should last to max 6 weeks.

SARMs Stack

Best SARMs Stack For Strength Building Cycle

My trainer explicitly planned this cycle for increasing my stamina and efficiency to lift more weight gradually.

With bulky muscle, it is comparatively easy to lift massive weights than with lean muscles. For gaining that strength and stamina after cutting cycle, I needed something extra. This cycle prepared me for reaching that level where I can compete with folks in higher weight category.

SARMs For Men

YK11 is commonly known as strength boosting SARM. Sometimes people do involve it in bulking cycle but I preferred the combination of MK-677 and Ligandrol over YK11 for bulking as I was targeting it for strength building. During this cycle as well, I opted for PCT supplement, Rebirth PCT.

My combination for strength boosting is YK11 and Ligandrol.


Take 15 mg of each SARM for this complete cycle. Additional to this you are recommended to take 6 capsules of Rebirth PCT per day.


Strength cycle should last for 6-8 weeks.

SARMs For Women

Unlike guys, it is not at all advisable for women to take YK11 as it aims at increasing testosterone for energy surge.

S4 and Ostarine along with Cardarine for small duration is recommended for high strength and stamina. It will allow safe generation of testosterone without causing any masculine side effects. It is recommended to take PCT supplement during this cycle as you are using Cardarine.


It is advisable to take 15 mg of both the SARM for complete cycle. Add 5 mg of Cardarine for 2 weeks from 2nd week onwards.  4 capsules Rebirth PCT supplement per day.


Strength cycle should last for 6-8 weeks.

Best SARMs Stack For Pre-Competition Cycle

This is the shortest cycle of all as it begins as the final touchup for any contest you are participating in. It is pretty difficult and vigorous regimen that includes pumping of muscles, severe fat loss, minimise water retention and reducing glycogen in muscle.

This will improve the leanness and improves vascularity making muscles and more veins visibility. Finally, pumping is performed by light weight lifting. This overall procedure prepares your body for flaunting.

Here SARMS for men and women remains the same. I have consumed only 10 mg Ostarine for complete 1 week just before the contest. As I was advised to minimise sodium, sugar and water consumption during this duration. Hence stronger SARMs are not advisable in this cycle.

Best SARMs Stack For Healing Cycle

To be honest, it was my decision to go for healing cycle because pre-competition routine was very hectic and hard on my body and mind. I felt the urge to soothe my body and soul after the contest. You should consider planning a Healing cycle after bulking or strength routine. It worked for me like a detox.

SARMs For Men

Healing do not means that you end up losing the muscles that you have gained. So, you have to make sure that your body recovers and improves at the same time. During this cycle, I prefer using MK-677, Ostraine and SR9009.  As this is recovery cycle, one should include PCT supplement in this.


Take 10 mg of SR9009 and MK-677 for complete cycle. Ostarine dose should be 20 mg for the same duration. Also, include 6 capsules of rebirth PCT.


This cycle is usually double of all other cycles. Ideally Healing cycle should last for 8 weeks followed by 8 weeks off. That is 8 weeks SARMs consumption + 8 weeks SARMs gap.

SARMs For Women

In this scenario, Ostarine and SR9009 is the best combination recommended for women. PCT consumption is not mandatory.


Take 5 mg SR9009 and 10 mg Ostarine for complete duration.


Again, it should last for 8 weeks with 8 Weeks gap.

SARMs Triple Stack

This is one of the most powerful stack when it comes to SARMs and you must have heard about this. I stick to triple stack when I am not following any cycle.

For example, after my healing gap I started triple stack as I was in shape and do not need any extra effort. Just need energy and source to maintain my muscles.

This super stack includes Andarine S4, Ostarine MK-2866 and Cardarine GW-501516. I recommend it to both men and women. Also, if you are taking SARMs normally like I was taking it then you need not to consult anyone before starting triple stack. The SARMs here are mild and highly effective.

Normally, I don’t recommend Cardarine for women but if it works fine for you, like it do to most of the women then go ahead and use it. Else if you want an alternative, then my advice here is SR9009 or ligandrol depending whichever is your personal favourite.


If your body is used to SARMs intake now, then start using 20 mg of S4 and MK-2866 with 10 mg of Cardarine.


This stack continuously targets fat loss and muscle gain. You can follow this cycle with your normal workout for as long as you want. However, I like to continue this for 10 weeks followed by 2 weeks off.

SARMs Stack For Sale

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Chemyo provide a wide range of SARMs for sale and you will find all the recommended SARMs there.

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