Cardarine Review – Is GW501516 Worth For Strength Gain ?

Cardarine story has been pretty interesting for me. I always felt tired and worn out but once I started stacking cardarine with other substance, I was unstoppable. Cardarine cycle turned me into a hulk and gave me long-lasting stamina.

This article will present my substantial experience about Cardarine GW501516.

I was working with my dad in his production factory continuously. Working time or duration was never fixed, hence there was literally no energy left in me. As a result I never felt like hitting the gym.

The thought of not going to the gym was haunting me. But then I did my research about this problem and found out about Cardarine GW501516.

After a few days of my research I contacted my nutritionist about this substance. To my surprise she gave green signal to this one instantly.

The following week I received my stack and my journey started from shabby and weary person to fully energized Hulk.

Cardarine (GW501516)Testo Max
Illegal for human consuptionLegal for human consumption
Extreme Muscle GainsLean Muscle Gains
Boosts staminaProvides Long lasting stamina
Great for gaining quick strengthGreat for gaining quick strength
Ingredients are not approved by FDAMade from safe and natural ingredients
Physician’s prescription is recommendedNo Needles or Prescriptions are required
Tested on Rats and is meant only for research purpose.It is meant for humans and is approved by FDA
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What Is Cardarine GW501516 ?

Cardarine is actually not a SARM. It is a PPARδ receptor (Reference). However, most people still market it like a SARM.

Personally speaking, Cardarine helped me in getting back all the lost stamina because of long days at work.

cardarine gw501516 boost

It provided energy rush instantly and also improved my metabolism rate (better than coffee). Cardarine is safe to consume even for heart and metabolic conditions

Also, it made my workout duration longer and stronger. I always felt I could perform one more rep, I can lift a little heavy weight than normal one.

In totality, Cardarine improved my endurance strength as a result of which my body building life improved even after full day of physical and mental exhaustion.

Why To Use Cardarine GW501516 ?

If you feel low on energy. You do not feel like going to gym. Your workout duration has reduced substantially.

If you think you need to workout for longer period of time, but do not have adequate amount of energy left.

Enthusiasm is missing from your workout session.

If you are able to check even any one of the above condition, then Cardarine GW501516 might be the right substance for you.

What To Expect From Cardarine GW501516 ?

There have been lots of research done on the benefits of Cardarine. As a result of which there are ample of trustworthy governmental resources which speak volumes about benefit of Cardarine.

I am going to list some benefits. Those I felt personally, when I was in the Cardarine cycle.

One of the main changes that I noticed in my body was improved Endurance. My concentration level rose. I was able to lift higher weights. My body felt pretty much active even after long day at work.

My work out duration was increased drastically. Before the cardarine cycle, I was not even in the mood to hit the gym. But during the cycle, I was roaring to visit the gym lift heavier weights and my workout schedule was extended naturally because I started enjoying the power like hulk within me.

My dream of low fat and high muscle physique became even clear. Since, my workout schedule was getting longer, I was sweating it all out. And with all that sweat my excess fat was pumped out of the body.

The result was just amazing. I lost lots of fat from my body and the lean muscle mass was clearly visible and it became more prominent day by day.


Previous to this phase, I was not able to work out hence, there was fat accumulation in my body. As a result, I was following calorie deficit diet. There were lots of chances that I might lose my muscle mass as well.

Thanks to Cardarine, I never lost out on essential muscle mass that I developed since I started working out in my early twenties.

Dosage Information - Cardarine GW501516

Being on a regular schedule and on consistent basis is what matters the most in the body building world.

Same rule is applied when it comes to dosage consumption of Cardarine.

I personally started with 10 mg/ day dosage. This was for first two weeks.

From the second week, I felt awesome and my body was ready to take it to the next level hence I doubled my dosage to 20 mg /day from the second week.

Cardarine Stacking Information

I already mentioned initially that I stacked Cardarine with some other substance. This was one of the most important step in the Cardarine journey.

Since, I was looking to boost my energy levels. My nutritionist suggested me to go for a substance that can alter my hormone secretion.

Hence, I started looking for something related to hormone boosting. After discussing with fellow gym members and my own internet research, I zeroed my self to Mk677 Ibutamoren.

Thankfully, combination of both worked like a charm. My energy levels and power boosting capacities started touching the roof.

Cardarine Side Effects

Personally speaking, I did not notice any side effect during the Cardarine cycle.

One of the main reasons could be consultation with my nutritionist. She made a diet plan specifically for me when I am in the cardarine cycle.

This helped me a lot. As I ate only those things which were approved by her and will not create any hindrance with the cardarine cycle.

Hence, if you could sit with your nutritionist or dietitian, they would be in a much better position to recommend you a proper diet and per day dosage of Cardarine.

However, Cardarine is not approved by FDA for human consumption. I have suggested Testo Max to few of clients instead and their outcomes were great without any side-effects.

Cardarine For Sale

One of the most important point that you need to keep in mind while dealing with any kind of substance is its authenticity.

Since, this is one of the most talked about substance, number of fake vendors have started selling their junk material in the name of Cardarine.

Hence, you need to make sure that you are purchasing cardarine only from the authentic vendors.

I personally order it from top quality authentic vendors and thousands of professional bodybuilders personally consume this compound.

My Personal Choice Of Vendor That Skyrocketed My Gains

I have been consuming cardarine from Sarms4You as they have been one of the most trusted SARMs vendor for me.

Their quality has been unmatched as they prepare all the products at the facility based in US and it is made sure that all the norms and conditions are followed.

Also, personally I never face any issues in the custom clearance whenever I order any substance from Sarms4You. As a result I live with the peace of mind as I do not have to worry about delivery issues.

There is a specific batch code generated for each and every order through which you can track your package as well. It is also used as quality control measures.

The compounds are tested and verified by a third party which performs a purity test. Hence, you can be sure that you will receive an authentic and a quality product.

  • It is recommended to consult with your physician before consumption.
  • Medical prescription is not required and gives similar results


Power Boost
Preserves Muscle Mass
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